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Matthias Melcher matthias.melcher at urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Do Mär 8 11:30:59 CET 2012

As I said in the other reply, I think there are different
stages of the workflow involved with each tasks, in
particular input to my brain, and output to others or
to "me, later" (see Denkwerkzeug friend Magdalena,
http://www.25uhr.de/weblog/index.php?itemid=70 ).
Previously I also hoped that there might be a golden
bullet/ Swiss Army knife solution for visualizing thoughts
in both stages (both offloaded visuospatial sketcpad
AND presenting). But the closer these think tools
approach the ineffable, tacit, implicit parts of the mind,
the more subtle and specialized the tools need to

Now I am now comfortable with the idea that, for
presentations, I need to copy and paste, or even
transcribe, my thoughts into a PPT, or Prezi, or
a Cmap (which is "talking" via its propositions annotating
the links.) Compared to the previous thinking effort, this
little extra effort of transcribing is ridiculously tiny.

So, in your example, I would have one DM window
with two panes (containing the paragraphs of your
input and keywords for my output). But then I would
open a different application for the email.

(The question if I want an "Egg-laying Wool-milk-pig" app,
or go with dedicated finetuned ones, is an old debate.
I think, we got fork and knife, and if we don't want these
two but only one (spoon), we need to restrict to mash pap
like the kiddies, or have everything sliced and diced by
a guardian, like patronized, dependend citizens.)

So I do embrace other application windows next to my DM,
and therefore I object to the "sovereign posture" type of
user experience design that maximizes and centralizes
itself. Switching between these tasks is done via the task
buttons of my task bar at the bottom of the desktop,  which
is still my main cockpit control dashboard every day.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ Kind regards
Matthias Melcher
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> Hi Matthias,
> one more question about work flow and your paradigm
> that there should be only one opened window/document
> at a time.
> Given the simple task of answering to an email, what I am doing
> right now and what is possible in DeepaMehta.
> With only one open window and the received email in the right detail
> pane I would have to model all contents of the email on a topicmap
> in the context pane to the left, possibly including the whole original text.
> Then create the new "answer email topic" and open its detail pane
> and write my answer based only on the information that is now
> modeled in my context map.
> Is this the way you are doing this ?
> While I think this might be useful for very complex emails
> I still cant imagine answering to what someone has written without
> permanent access to the whole initial message.
> With one window this would involve permanent context switches
> aka "mouse gazing".
> Two windows, or in the old world a book and a notebook,
> what is wrong about this?
> Just one window is perfect for creative writing but in my opinion
> not useful for the so called knowledge worker.
> He/She would need either a huge amount of time for modeling
> or a very well trained short time memory.
> Maybe I am totally wrong, but this is how I am
> working for the last 30 years and it seems hard change my mind.
> Yours,
> Torsten
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