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Do Mär 8 14:04:22 CET 2012

Hi Torsten, Hi Matthias and all the others!

Thanks for your interesting thoughts.. I am still not quite through all 
of them but i could turn some into new notes and probably will get back 
to them :)

Just a short question to ziegi.. cause i dont know if listening to 
pronounciation of these signs is a current use-case for you but i could 
imagine it still may is so.. :) And as i saw this picture i started 
thinking about an old idea of mine which in this context could boil down 
to ..

On 03/05/2012 10:26 PM, Torsten Ziegler wrote:
re-using n-pictorial language signs prepared/arranged/placed in one big 
background-graphic file (similar to what we see here in this picture, 
but without the yellow post-its and with more white space in between the 
signs) and place a sound-topic on-top of the background-graphic, next to 
each sign. this composition is easily build with my latest 
deepamehta-plugin called soundposter and can be embedded as an audible 
website as such all over the wwweb.

ziegi, would you be interested in composing such a thing with my help? i 
would consider connecting sound-topics with the use of the Forvo 
Pronounciation API for streaming live audio-pronounciations of the signs 
next to this sound topic (though there is an issue to solve related, 
cause the forvo api rotate streaming-urls for each sign every 2 
hours..).. but i would need a bit of help curating and selecting the 
first 20-30-100 (is it mandarin?) signs we want audiovisual present to a 
language learning beginner.. what do you think about this?

http://www.forvo.com/languages/zh/ - mandarin pronounciation audioarchive..

the result could be something similar to

just for language learners..
for sure, the issues touched with this idea in the contenxt of 
deepamehta go much deeper (from representation of letters, siblings, 
words, sentences, grammar as semantic chunks for an assisted language 
learning guide, generating interactive "audiovisual language 
performance", and directly related to various (probably locally 
different) instances of individual pronounciations of such) but wouldn`t 
it be a nice and probably even already useful showcase for creative 
usage of the deepamehta software platform as it is described above?

If you`re interested, tell me what you think about it..
Do you think this case could be useful for you personally somehow and in 
general for mandarin language learners?

Just wanted to share this idea with you, even if i dont have much 
extra-drive for realizing it now.. (which is most probably due to the 
desire to connect deepamehta properly to the forvo api and not 
especially through this soundposter-case) ..


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