[deepamehta-devel] one window paradigm

Torsten Ziegler torsten at ziegi.de
Mi Mär 7 22:01:49 CET 2012

Hi Matthias,

one more question about work flow and your paradigm
that there should be only one opened window/document
at a time.

Given the simple task of answering to an email, what I am doing
right now and what is possible in DeepaMehta.

With only one open window and the received email in the right detail
pane I would have to model all contents of the email on a topicmap
in the context pane to the left, possibly including the whole original text.
Then create the new "answer email topic" and open its detail pane
and write my answer based only on the information that is now
modeled in my context map.
Is this the way you are doing this ?

While I think this might be useful for very complex emails
I still cant imagine answering to what someone has written without
permanent access to the whole initial message.
With one window this would involve permanent context switches
aka "mouse gazing".

Two windows, or in the old world a book and a notebook,
what is wrong about this?
Just one window is perfect for creative writing but in my opinion
not useful for the so called knowledge worker.
He/She would need either a huge amount of time for modeling
or a very well trained short time memory.

Maybe I am totally wrong, but this is how I am
working for the last 30 years and it seems hard change my mind.


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