[deepamehta-users] A new wiki, but what`s next?

Malte Reißig mre at deepamehta.de
Mi Apr 23 18:59:18 CEST 2008

Dear User Community,

i would like to talk about what comes to your mind when you
think about the future of DeepaMehta. If we currently don`t find the
time to meet, here is the place for an alternative approach for
exchanging some thoughts.

A lot of topics come to my mind, but i think starting with some
exchange on ideas about what do you want to use DeepaMehta for
would be a real enrichment for the determination where to go with
our community. We will have the final release very soon, so what`s
next? What kind of aims do we have? Whom do we want to reach? What
do you think should be improved within the next release? I hope to
get input on this from everyone who knows DeepaMehta at least a bit now.

I just started a new open deepamehta-own wiki which will be a place
for all the informations we haven`t gathered yet for
the beginners and prevents me from answering all the basic
informations more than .....times!

We have a lot of distributed information on our project, but will a
newbie find them? We still get every day mails from people who
want to try out DeepaMehta and i am deeply sure we already can
provide better start-up information about the usage and the project.
Btw. We still want to produce a Screencast as soon as possible. Are
there any volunteers who can help at the 5th May except Thilo? It
would be nice to discuss the content in advance.

Whoever wants to share his experience, his ideas and finally can
share some spare-time like me, is warmly welcomed.

i want to engage everyone to collaborate with us
on http://deepamehta.newthinking.net/wiki

cheers malte

ps. hat irgendwer keine lust auf englisch zu schreiben?
natürlich geht das auch auf deutsch. ich gehe einfach davon aus das
mich jeder verstehen kann. in der zeit ohne antworten werde ich
nochmal die mailing archive durchstöbern, vielleicht lässt sich ja
einiges wieder aufgreifen, welches zu der zeit besprochen wurde als
ich noch nicht abonnent dieser liste war.

pps. wir treffen uns momentan öfters jeden dritten dienstag im monat
parallel zu der einführungsveranstaltung, vielleicht hat mal wieder
jemand zeit. ick bin dabei, sagt einfach bescheid.


mre at deepamehta.de
mre at jabber.ccc.de

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