[deepamehta-users] Attention, it`s about your Corporate Memory

Malte Reißig mre at deepamehta.de
Do Apr 17 21:09:32 CEST 2008

Dear Developers and Users,

if you are using one of our last release candidates which were
released within the last month. Please read our post in the blog
about the currently emerged bug for our the hsqldb support. This DB
is selected by default since the rc1. We recommend to backup your
Corporate Memory immediately and don`t enter single quotes into the
Property Panel.

You will some more useful information on the following link:




ps. hey norbert, ich bekomme immer noch keine nachrichten die auf
der users-liste gepostet werden habe mich jetzt deiner aber schon
angenommen, morgen dazu mehr ;)


mre at deepamehta.de
mre at jabber.ccc.de

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