[deepamehta-devel] Javadoc

Enrico Schnepel enrico.schnepel at randomice.net
Do Mär 13 16:54:37 CET 2008


> (1) javadoc compatible (no compromise there!)
and it knows some more javadoc tags as javadoc itself does
you could document groups of functions for example.

> (2) integrated in eclipse
I am prefering the command line way...
what about an automated checkout and a doxygen build on a nighly basis.
the build log could be also send to the dev-list if the where errors in the 
build. - continious integration! and... if we have some unit tests these may 
run too.

> (3) easy to set up
using a wizard - it is

> So, why don't we use both of them, javadoc and doxygen? It's not that
> much work, at least with javadoc. And if we see, after some time, that
> there is only one documentation used, we could easily skip the other
> then.
this would double the information and it would make no sense to me if i would 
see two documentation links on the website.

> In my opinion it is important that there's a documentation in the code
> at all, and that it is done in a widely used and accepted
> standard/style. Anything that helps as a motivation to do this is
> welcome.

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