[deepamehta-users] DeepaMehta 5.0-beta-1 released

Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Wed Jan 30 17:21:27 CET 2019

Dear DeepaMehta friends,

after 2 years of development DeepaMehta 5.0-beta-1 is released at Jan 30, 2019.

For an overview of DM5 concepts and features see the recent posting.

Try out our DM5 live demo: https://demo.dmx.systems
Login as "admin" with no password.
Note that all user content is wiped out on a regular basis.

Alternatively download DM5 an install it on your own machine:

The Installation is described in the DM5 user guide:

Yes, DM eventually got a proper user guide!
Thanks to Silke (text, screenshots) + Tuomo (illustration)!

Note that DeepaMehta 5 is rebranded as "DMX".
DeepaMehta 5 and DMX is the same; same code, same features, same license (GPL 3 or later).
IMPORTANT: as long as DM 5 is still beta no upgrade path is guaranteed.
That is content you create is not guaranteed to migrate to a later (beta or final) DM5 release.
Furthermore no DM4 -> DM5 upgrade path exists at the moment.

For questions + feedback use the known mailing lists:

File issues at our public issue tracker:

You can also access our internal issue tracker (read-only at the moment):

See the README for more information:

Many thanks to Ingo Rau, Jürgen Neumann, Malte Reißig, Iris Rabener, Silke Meyer, Tuomo Tammenpää, Björn Weigelt, Robert Schuster, Daniel Mania, and Daniel van den Eijkel!


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