[deepamehta-users] DMX 5.0-beta-5 released

Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Wed Aug 28 17:31:16 CEST 2019

Dear DeepaMehta/DMX aficionados,

DMX 5.0-beta-5 has been released at Aug 26, 2019.

Feature highlight:
- Support for multiple browser tabs/windows. Synchronization when running multiple Webclient instances in the same browser is improved.

Further improvements include:
- Search returns more relevant (lesser) items
- Detail panel's "Related" tab displays more relevant (lesser) items
- Before delete a confirmation dialog is shown

Crucial bug fixes include:
- SEVERE: the detail panel could display and save (!) wrong data
- Search dialog does not show out-of-date search results

For the complete list of changes see the release notes:

For general information about DMX e.g. download, live demo, docs, forum see the README:


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