[deepamehta-users] some questions about the Deepamehta

朱良兵 zhliangb at 126.com
Thu Jun 28 09:15:28 CEST 2018

Dear Ingo Rau:


I come from China,Guiyang, My name is Liangbing Zhu.Thanks to you and your team for developing Deepamehta, I have been paying attention to the progress of this software since 2007, hoping to apply to my work and have done some attempts and efforts in the process. But because there is not a detailed user manual, the application case is also very simple, and it is difficult to use in practice.


The following are some of the puzzles I used in the process of using:


1.How can topic map be imported and exported? Can a topic map built with Deepamehta be exported to other Topic Maps software, and can a topic map built with other Topic Maps tools be introduced into the Deepamehta application?


2. How do all the data of a topic maps be stored、back up and restored to Deepamehta?


3. when building a new topic type, how to add property information to the topic type, for example, I have built a "product", then it should have "production date", "price", "weight" and other attributes, how to add this information. I find there is a “topic type“ named "organization" on the demo website. This “topic type” has information such as address, telephone and so on. How do I add it?


4. There is a suggestion: when deleting the whole topic map, there should be a hint message to prevent misoperation and delete the entire topic map.


Good luck! Thank you!


                                      Lingbing Zhu
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