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Tue Jul 10 18:28:16 CEST 2018

Hi Lingbing Zhu,

> On 28. Jun 2018, at 9:15, 朱良兵 <zhliangb at 126.com> wrote:
> 1.How can topic map be imported and exported?

For topicmap import/export you can install this plugin:

Just drop the plugin to the bundle-deploy folder.
No server restart required.

You can export topicmaps as JSON or SVG then.
The JSON can be imported to other DM installations.

For details about this plugin see:

> Can a topic map built with Deepamehta be exported to other Topic Maps software, and can a topic map built with other Topic Maps tools be introduced into the Deepamehta application?

Export/import from/to 3rd-party applications is not yet supported.

Just the SVG can be opened/edited with tools like Inkscape.

> 2. How do all the data of a topic maps be stored、back up and restored to Deepamehta?

All data (topics, associations, topicmaps, ...) are stored in the deepamehta-db folder. For backup/restore it is sufficient to handle this folder.

> 4. There is a suggestion: when deleting the whole topic map, there should be a hint message to prevent misoperation and delete the entire topic map.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Let me give you some hints about the relationship between topicmaps and topics/associations:

Topics and associations exist independently from topicmaps. Every topic/association (as stored in the DB) is ready to appear in *any* topicmap. If a topicmap is deleted the topics/associations it contains are *not* deleted.

Note the difference between the "Hide" and "Delete" commands available for a topic/association. Hide removes it just from the topicmap (but leave it in the DB). Delete removes it from the DB (and thus from all topicmaps).

The DB represents a knowledge base in form of a (possibly very large) semantic network. A topicmap represents an individual *working context* that shows relevant parts of the knowledge base.

Thank you for your questions!

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