[deepamehta-users] Possible improvements on DeepaMehta webinterface

Ingo Rau ingo.rau at econauten.de
Thu Oct 27 23:42:50 CEST 2016

Hi everyone,

recently we discussed how the DM webclient could be improved - especially when modelling new topic types but also when entering data with topic instances. I have started a workspace 'DM4 Improvements' which I have swithed to public mode. You can start exploring here: https://my.deepamehta.de/topicmap/58556

Be aware that all this is work in progress and that none of the improvements have been decided about yet. They are ment to be the base of disussions and definitely need further reviewing and prioritisation.

I have created several topicmaps within the workspace to group aspects. In some cases I have created examples directly on the map to clarify my ideas. I made use of colored notes (red an green) to differentiate between "what is not ideal" and "userstory" on how it could be improved. That way I hope facilitate deriving trac tickets.

That's it for now. Go on and explore. I will keep you updated on further content added. Please contact me If you wish to contribute. I will then add you as a member to the workspace.

Cheers, Ingo

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