[deepamehta-users] Please test DM 4.8.4 Pre-Release

Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Mon Nov 21 14:36:09 CET 2016

Hi Ingo,

> On 14 Nov 2016, at 12:39, Ingo Rau <ingo.rau at econauten.de> wrote:
> Hi Jörg,
> I did a bit of Interface Testing on the nightly build and found the following aspects, which you might consider for the upcoming release:
> 1) Deleting Workspace: I created a new workspace (see attached screenshot), added a Topic-Type and created an instance of that Topic Type. I then deleted the workspace. Works fine - technically - but with no additional feedback to the user, that the topics associated with this workspace will be deleted as well. I would a least add a dialog: "The workspace <workspacename> still contains <nummer of topics that would be deleted> Topic Types that will be deleted together with the workspace. Are you sure you want to delete the workspace?" Another option would be to only allow deleting workspaces when they are "empty". It could be cumbersome however to delete all Topic Types manually in advance befor deleting the workspace itself.

The 4.8.4 release now features a simple warning dialog to inform the user about the consequences of deleting a workspace.

Thank you for the hint!

> 2) I tried deleting a workspaces a second time and caused an error message (screenshot attached). Not quite sure what the reason was. Maybe it's because in this case I ran a search on the topic I was just about to delete. After Browser refresh everything went on normally.

You mean you've deleted *another* workspace (not the same workspace again), right?

Mmh, I can't reproduce the problem.
To me everything looks OK at the moment.

> 3) Rather accidentylly I deleted the view configuration of the Topic Type 'Booktitle' in my example (instead of hiding) it. Maybe deleting this Topic Type should not be possible. (See screenshots attached).

I think this needs further conceptualization.
What would be the exact prerequisites for deleting a view configuration?
Consider writing a ticket and discuss it there.

> 4) Changing the data Type of Properties in existing Composition now works fine. I tried various modifications on the model with instances already existing and could not provoke an error anymore.

That's nice to hear :-)

Thank you very much for detailed feedback and screenshots!


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