[deepamehta-users] Please test DM 4.8.4 Pre-Release

Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Fri Nov 11 16:25:02 CET 2016

Dear DeepaMehta friends,

the release of DM 4.8.4 is imminent and I like ask you to test it, and check compatibility with your plugins.

DM 4.8.4 is a maintenance release which fixes a number of (crucial) bugs that came up while the (collaborative) real-world use of various (both, public and private) DM 4.8.3 installations. So, the overall topic of the upcoming DM 4.8.4 release is "robustness". There are also some improvements, though.

See the preliminary Release Notes what's new/changes in (upcoming) DM 4.8.4:
For details about every single change see the descriptions in the linked tickets.

The 2 fixes that are the most complex ones, and that requires to be tested most are these:

	Non-shared type extensions

	Deleting a workspace

Regarding plugin compatibility: DM 4.8.4 comes with only one BREAKING CHANGE, although it is a minor one and will possibly not compromise compatibility of existing plugins:


You can test the current DM 4.8.4 SNAPSHOT online at our nightly-build demo installation:
Login as "admin" without a password.
There you can also create new user accounts (via Create menu) in order to test the multi-user and access control features (as the above mentioned #1021).

Or you can download the current DM 4.8.4 SNAPSHOT and test it on your own computer:

Thanks goes to the users and testers that helped recognizing the shortcomings of DM 4.8.3: Ingo Rau, Tuomo Tammenpää, Jürgen Neumann, Robert Schuster, Arne Remeke, and Malte Reißig.


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