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Annette Leeb annette.leeb at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 22:42:48 CEST 2016


I am a new user of my.deepamehta.de. Years ago I was quite familiar with DeepaMehta, but I lost track of its development. To be honest, as I recently confronted myself with the characteristic bright blankness of a DeepaMehta screen again I felt lost. Sure enough, by clicking around it became obvious how much stuff lays underneath the calm surface. But more clicks didn’t exactly make me feel more comfortable. 

To get help I tried out a search in the mailing-list archive. Bit frustrating, isn’t it? Mailman doesn’t offer any option to use the archive for research. Or did I miss something?

What I do miss is a “user manual”. Or this was my first thought. 

But after discussing a potential „manual creating project“ with a friend I’d rather say: A manual would be a too static objective. It’s more like creating an environment where current users can discuss and contribute to such a knowledge base. As part of a continuously ongoing shared learning process. The elements for a knowledge library will be suggested, defined, worked over continuously. 

First: @juergen gives already important informations in his user guide elements. But I have to admit that the included „how-to-aspects“ were not sufficient to understand what could be a practicable starting point for me. The description of for example association contains not only text but also a sample of DeepaMehta-typcial icons which are only understandable for those who already are familiar with the underlying concepts.

What I would like to find is
the very basics on how to start my own workspace / topic map; and I really do mean „how to“ like left-click, right-click, „create“, „delete“, „edit“ - the elements to build a typical DeepaMehta topic map for my own purpose;
as simple as possible, micro learning assets, searchable for new users, easy to browse;
enriched by all multimedia, referring to external resources;
analog to @juergen, learning assets build with the DeepaMehta-included tools and methods
First step: Would it makes sense to you to set up a public workspace and invite those who would like to contribute? And see what happens?

For me it has to do with „working out loud“. Seems like I am person here predestined to ask questions, am I not?

Looking forward to hearing from you! A.
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