[deepamehta-users] WG: DM4 Improvements / 08 Idle detail panel (area)

Ingo Rau ingo.rau at econauten.de
Fri Dec 16 17:09:34 CET 2016

Hi DM enthusiasts,

I like Tuomos idea of displaying helpful information on workspace and topicmap by default. In his example on topicmap https://my.deepamehta.de/topicmap/77418/topic he associated two note topics with workspace and topicmap.

I would suggest to use the description fields of workspace and topicmap to supply that information. They are there already, and we would have an easy rule what we want DM to display when there is nothing else to display (exept the elephant ;-). On the respective topicmap I added some text to both description fields.

Cheers Ingo

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> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016 16:05
> An: Ingo Rau; Jörg Richter; Neumann Juergen
> Betreff: DM4 Improvements / 08 Idle detail panel (area)
> Hi DM,
> I added one proposal for using the idle detail panel area for displaying some
> html info regarding the currently active Workspace & Topicmap. Maybe you
> had this already somewhere, did not find. In my.deepamehta / DM4
> Improvements workspace.
> Anyway, would be useful for remind (especially onboaring users) what to do
> and where the stuff is instead looking at the elephant ;) Same attached here.
> -tuomo-
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