[deepamehta-users] An Environment to Create A DeepaMehta Knowledge Base

Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Thu Aug 4 16:23:17 CEST 2016

Dear Annette,

thank you for posting!

> On 31 Jul 2016, at 22:42, Annette Leeb <annette.leeb at gmail.com> wrote:
> First step: Would it makes sense to you to set up a public workspace and invite those who would like to contribute?

Definitely this makes sense :-)

I think such a public workspace exists already, namely the "DeepaMehta" workspace. The DeepaMehta workspace is what every internet user sees first when visiting my.deepamehta.de. In fact Jürgen's "User Guide" topics you've mentioned are located in that workspace.

You could ask Jürgen or Malte for inviting you to the DeepaMehta workspace. (I myself lack the authority to do so). Once you're logged in you'll have write-permission for the DeepaMehta workspace then. That is you can edit Jürgen's User Guide topics, create new ones, or delete them. You also can create new topicmaps, which are visible and searchable by every internet user then. It's a public workspace finally.

Be aware: besides your content work all your view arrangements will be saved as well. That is when you e.g. move topics around, show/hide them, move the entire topicmap around, or if you click a "Note" topic's (yellow ball icon) litte triangle to collapse/expand their content -- all this view manipulations will affect what any internet user sees first when visiting my.deepamehta.de (regardless if she has write permission). However, if you just want "look around" (without automatically saving your view manipulations), you can do that as well. Just log out before.

Recently you talked about a use case you possibly want do with DeepaMehta: creating your CV (or something similar) as a topicmap, accessible by a public URL. You could immediately start realizing that. Log in, create a public workspace "Annette Leeb" (or something similar) and there you go. An empty default topicmap (named "Untitled") exists automatically (you can rename it). You as the workspace owner are the only person who can invite other users to become a member (= co-author in this case) of your workspace. Your workspace and its contents will be visible and searchable by any internet user (regardless of logged in).

The special DeepaMehta trait would be this: suppose your CV contents are extensive and displaying them all at once in one large topicmap would be not useful. In that case you could arrange the initial topicmap view in the way only some central topics are exposed. The user would reveal more and more content incrementally by following your associations, driven by her particular interest. The user could move things around, hide things, doing a text search -- thus casually creating her individual situated view to your content.

If you have any questions/proposals/ideas don't hesitate and let us know.

Welcome, Annette!


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