[deepamehta-users] An Environment to Create A DeepaMehta Knowledge Base

Juergen Neumann j.neumann at junes.eu
Mon Aug 1 20:02:09 CEST 2016

Dear Annette,

thank you for your important input! Yes, a users guide is really
needed! I would very much appreciate if you started working on this,
especially due to your profound experience in this field. 

Just to mention it: there has been some previous work in this

Ingo: http://www.deepamehta.de/en/content/usage
Carolina: https://www.digitalmemex.com/category/documentation/
Maybe those can provide some useful inspiriation. 

For the location of the content, we would very much prefere to use the
wiki of our track system: https://trac.deepamehta.de/wiki/Documentation
If you need a ramp-up or have questions regarding the concepts, I am
well willing to support you in any possible way.

Very kindly,


Am Sonntag, den 31.07.2016, 22:42 +0200 schrieb Annette Leeb:
> Hello,
> I am a new user of my.deepamehta.de. Years ago I was quite familiar
> with DeepaMehta, but I lost track of its development. To be honest,
> as I recently confronted myself with the characteristic bright
> blankness of a DeepaMehta screen again I felt lost. Sure enough, by
> clicking around it became obvious how much stuff lays underneath the
> calm surface. But more clicks didn’t exactly make me feel more
> comfortable. 
> To get help I tried out a search in the mailing-list archive. Bit
> frustrating, isn’t it? Mailman doesn’t offer any option to use the
> archive for research. Or did I miss something?
> What I do miss is a “user manual”. Or this was my first thought. 
> But after discussing a potential „manual creating project“ with a
> friend I’d rather say: A manual would be a too static objective. It’s
> more like creating an environment where current users can discuss and
> contribute to such a knowledge base. As part of a continuously
> ongoing shared learning process. The elements for a knowledge library
> will be suggested, defined, worked over continuously. 
> First: @juergen gives already important informations in his user
> guide elements. But I have to admit that the included „how-to-
> aspects“ were not sufficient to understand what could be a
> practicable starting point for me. The description of for example
> association contains not only text but also a sample of DeepaMehta-
> typcial icons which are only understandable for those who already are
> familiar with the underlying concepts.
> What I would like to find is
> the very basics on how to start my own workspace / topic map; and I
> really do mean „how to“ like left-click, right-click, „create“,
> „delete“, „edit“ - the elements to build a typical DeepaMehta topic
> map for my own purpose;
> as simple as possible, micro learning assets, searchable for new
> users, easy to browse;
> enriched by all multimedia, referring to external resources;
> analog to @juergen, learning assets build with the DeepaMehta-
> included tools and methods
> First step: Would it makes sense to you to set up a public workspace
> and invite those who would like to contribute? And see what happens?
> For me it has to do with „working out loud“. Seems like I am person
> here predestined to ask questions, am I not?
> Looking forward to hearing from you! A.
> -- 
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