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Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Tue May 19 17:15:25 CEST 2015

Hi Asif,

the following approach would work out-of-the box: Use a standard DM Note topic to represent a web-clipping and paste web page content to its Text area.
	1) While surfing a web page: copy (Strg-C) the interesting portion to the clipboard.
	2) Switch to DM and create a Note topic.
	3) Paste (Strg-V) to the Note's Text field.
	4) Optional, but recommended: enter a title in the note's Title field.
	5) Associate the Note topic to any other topic (using a generic Association).
The result is a topic "annotated" with a web-clipping. When selecting the topic you'll see the web-clipping (basically its Title) listed in the Detail panel (right-hand side). Click on it to read the annotation.

A Note's Text field is setup to hold HTML content, so it matches your web-clipping need quite well. Basic page styles (headlines, italics, ...) are preserved in the clipping (this however might depend on your OS and browser). If you want, in contrast, drop the page style you could use the Text field's "Paste as plain text" function (the clipboard-T button in the toolbar).

As an alternative to utilize DM's standard Note type you could create your own "Web Clipping" topic type and setup a Text or HTML field to hold plain text or HTML respectively. You could attach your own icon to the topic type to let your clippings appear distinctively in DM's detail panel. This could be done interactively and would not require any programming.

Please let us know if you need any more help.

Furthermore I like to point you to a Firefox plugin developed by Malte, a community member. The Firefox plugin allows you to create web-clippings in DM (as well as bookmarks) directly while surfing with Firefox. The Firefox plugin eases the 5-step workflow mentioned above. It extends the Firefox GUI accordingly and communicates with a running DM instance via its REST API.

However the Firefox plugin is not actively maintained and probably doesn't run with current DM and Firefox versions. The sourcecode of the Firefox plugin is available here:

Possibly your inquiry encourages Malte to revisit the Firefox plugin, what I would appreciate. Another possibility would be that you takeover the development of the Firefox plugin, what I would appreciate very much as well. I guess Malte will provide you the support you need. He's on this list too.

Thank you, Asif, for your question.


On May 17, 2015, at 16:51, Asif M wrote:

> Hi All,
> Just wanted to check.. is there a web-clipping functionality available in DeepaMehta.. through plugins or extensions..something similar to Evernote, and with the option of adding that clip to any node of choice?
> IF not, how hard will it be write one - any guidance/tutorial?
> Thanks and Kind Regards,
> Asif
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