[deepamehta-users] new article: users building apps

mre at deepamehta.de mre at deepamehta.de
Tue Feb 17 16:01:03 CET 2015

hey dear deepamehta friends and users,

i wanted to share a blogpost with you about interactive type building
(users building apps) with deepamehta4. The article has become quite long
but i wanted to cover, briefly explain and add my 2 cents to all of the
seven terms of the dm4 type building vocabulary. With the help of our demo
server one should be able to try out everything mentioned in there live and

The article basically explains how dm4 can (1) be used as a so called "end
user database" (like MS Access or Apple Filemaker, how dm4 is (2) a
communicative bridge between users and application developers and thus how
"Users can build apps" with deepamehta4 >


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