[deepamehta-users] blog post introducing the wikidata topicmaps ui

mre at deepamehta.de mre at deepamehta.de
Sat Apr 4 23:17:51 CEST 2015

hello dear deepamehta users,

i just refreshed the "Wikidata Topicmaps UI" installation, the new main
feature is the connection of the Commons Media API:
- Graphics and images (of the wikimedia commons library) related to
wikidata items can now be browsed with the webclient

Also i finally managed to write up an introduction for others to connect
their interest to this application. It would be great if you share it with
researchers and friends. I am very much interested in getting to know
people working in classrooms or universities which are eager to pioneer and
maybe want to use and explore wikidata as an open data set for their

As the early feedback of testers suggested, the "WTUI" (short for Wikidata
Topcimaps UI) can provide different perspectives onto the data and the
structure users mold into wikidata.

Here is the introductory blog post:

Spreading the news is very welcome and if you have the time, feedback on
confusing parts of the blogpost would be very helpful too.

Thank you very much & all the best to you!


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