[deepamehta-users] DeepaMehta as background service

Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Wed Nov 19 20:57:08 CET 2014

On Nov 19, 2014, at 9:01, Constantin Jucovschi wrote:

> I cannot get the standard DeepaMehta distribution to run as a background
> service in Ubuntu. The standards
> # ./deepamehta-linux.sh &
> does not work. It seems to load up to a certain moment and then
> shutdowns automatically. Redirecting all log to a file does not reveal
> any issues.

This does not work because after launching the Standard DM Distro the terminal is occupied with the interactive Gogo shell. It reads user input from stdin and thus suspends the DM background process.

> Any ideas?

3 more ideas:

- Remove the Gogo bundles from the DM Standard Distro. You have no OSGi shell then but DM can run in the background. Use kill to terminate the DM process.

- Start DM within a screen (see man screen). You can detach the terminal from the screen process (Ctrl-a d). Thus DM including Gogo shell can run in the background then. With screen -r you can attach the terminal again and interact with the Gogo shell.

- Recommended: Use the DM Karaf Distro. It is explicitly aimed for DM server setup. Use its bin/start script to run DM in the background and bin/stop to stop it. It comes also with a OSGi web console and an interactive remote shell (as far as I know). Unfortunately there is no DM Karaf Distro for current DM 4.4. The last DM Karaf Distro available includes DM 4.3:
More info about the DM Karaf Distro:


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