[deepamehta-users] a "casual" DeepaMehta users guide

carolina carolina at sindominio.net
Mi Apr 23 16:37:13 CEST 2014

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Hi everybody,

I think is the first time I write to the list, so though I've seen not
much traffic on it I hope, that it will increase a bit after this mail :)

I've been using and learning about DM in the last months, and at some
point decided that a good way to learn is to tell how you learn, to
write it down. So that's what I've tried to do, to write down a use
case of DM and how did I do the approach and learned the basic
concepts and usage of DM. You will find it on


The text of the "casual" guide is still a draft(no design, no layout,
not all grammar errors fixed, etc), and is based on a real project in
which I'm involved. I wanted to share it and to get feedback, how to
make it more clear, how to improve it and also to share a couple of
doubts that I have and I'll comment below:

1.- The guide has a lot of screen-shots, the original idea is that you
can just follow the images to get a feeling of how DM works even if
you don't read the text, but are there too many images? does it make
sense to have them all? if not, which ones could be removed?

2.- Inside the guide, there are some "boxes" that contain tips to
improve/facilitate the usage or DM concepts good to remember. I'm not
sure to leave them in between, I think sometimes is confusing, maybe
is just that they are not well placed...does it make sense to leave
them or should they be removed? could another option be to have one
box with them, at the end?

In any case, I hope the guide it's useful somehow :)


ps: would anyone around here be interested in having a
deepamehta-users meet-up in Berlin?? or an online meeting(IRC, mumble,
etc) would also be an option :D  to share our (user) usage/experience
with DM.

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