[deepamehta-users] DeepaMehta 4.1.3 released

Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Sa Dez 21 19:02:05 CET 2013

Dear DeepaMehta users,

on Dec 10, 2013 DeepaMehta 4.1.3 has been released.

DeepaMehta 4.1.3 brings a lot of crucial GUI improvements and a View Customization Framework (for developers). The Topicmap Panel has a new look&feel which provides increased means of expression and higher information density. The Detail Panel rendering is much more understandable.
Furthermore you can work with particularly complex data models in the Webclient, and you can install DeepaMehta plugins without restarting.

For an extensive list of new features, changes, and fixes see the release notes:

You can update any DeepaMehta 4.1.x installation (including 4.1) or perform a clean installation. For installation and update instructions see the  README (Standard Distribution):

For setting up the Karaf Distribution refer to

http://download.deepamehta.de/deepamehta-4.1.3.zip			(Standard Distribution)
http://download.deepamehta.de/deepamehta-4.1.3-karaf.tar.gz	(Karaf Distribution)

You can try out DeepaMehta online with our live demo server.
No download required. No registration required.

For reporting issues please register at our trac-site:

Thanks to Torsten Ziegler, Malte Reißig, Jürgen Neumann, Danny Gräf, Fabian Kruse, Thilo Schönnemann, Jörn Weißenborn, and Rolf Kutz!


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