[deepamehta-users] Thoughts about DeepaMehta

Dennis Strain dennis.strain at gmail.com
Do Nov 29 20:18:30 CET 2012

Excellent explanation...

Who specifically are the typical end users you are designing this software
for?  I am thinking there is a difficult learning curve, therefore,
requiring a  highly developed sense of technical intuition ... patience,
and persistence... ergo, limiting your audience to sophisticated academic /
technical people.

My experience with the user interface and minimal documentation seems to
confirm this.

If this is true, then I will lower my expectations regarding "ease-of-use"

I fully understand the "big-picture" concept of what "you" want to achieve
-and- I dream it will become a reality. I hope it will be useful to some
level of ordinary folks like my highly intelligent neighbor who doesn't
know the difference between a quirk and a quark and thinks a neutrino is an
old Ford automobile.

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