[deepamehta-users] 3. DeepaMehta Community Lounge at Dec 4, 2012 in Berlin

Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Do Nov 15 21:47:36 CET 2012

Dear DeepaMehta Users in Berlin,

I just want to inform you that we will be celebrating the 3rd DeepaMehta Community Lounge on Dec 4, 2012 in Berlin.

We will showcase the recent and upcoming DeepaMehta releases and various custom applications.
The agenda known so far:
	- DM4 short introduction (jri)
	- New features of DM 4.0.12 and upcoming 4.0.13 (jri)
	- DM4 applications:
		- Poemspace Mailer - A collaborative email campaigning (dgf)
		- Kiezatlas App - Geographic content management with a mobile client (mre)
		- Kiezatlas 2.0 - A rewrite of Kiezatlas 1.x with a facet data model (jri)
		- EduZEN - E-learning at Technische Universität Berlin (tsc)
	- Celebrate

The DeepaMehta lounge is OPEN: everybody can join, everybody can invite, everybody can contribute.
If you are planning to join us, then please check link for details and add your name and ideas: https://trac.deepamehta.de/wiki/Lounge 

Info (german) at DM website:

Let's lounge!


PS: ### For all Non-Berlinners ### 
Maybe you can initiate a local community in your area ... 
Keep us posted on your progress!

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