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Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Sa Jan 28 03:11:10 CET 2012

Hi Asif,

Please excuse the late reply (I'm sick).

Yes, there is a "Label Configuration" feature: For each type you can configure a labeling rule. That is: which of the type's child types to be used to form the topic labels.

According to your case:
1) Click a Web Resource instance. You see its type (blue square, "Web Resource") in the right panel.
2) Click that type.
3) Press "Edit". You see the Web Resource type's child types ("URL" and "Description").
4) Check the Description's "Include in Label" checkbox.
5) Press "Save". The Web Resource's labeling rule is complete.

For the moment there are 2 drawbacks:
- The labels of all existing Web Resource instances are not updated immediately. You have to update them manually one-by-one: click a Web Resource, press "Edit", press "Save".
- HTML tags appear on the canvas if an HTML type is involved in the labeling rule (like "Description" in your case)

I filed 2 tickets respectively:

BTW: do you've discovered DM's embedded web browser?
1) Click a Web Resource
2) Click its URL (in the right panel's "Associations" section)
3) Press "Open URL"


On Jan 26, 2012, at 4:22, Asif M wrote:

> Hi All,
> Is there a possibility to create a Web Resource and display the "description of the Resource" instead of the URL?
> Currently, some of my URL's are quite long - it doesn't wrap around and they are unnecessarily clutering the whole canvas. Alternatively , a wrap around similar to "Notes" type can be very helpful.
> Kind Regards,
> asif
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