[deepamehta-users] Questions regarding usage.

Asif M asif.tmcp at gmail.com
Mo Jan 16 19:11:08 CET 2012

Hi All,

I am still trying my hand at DeepaMehta. I say trying because it is more of
a trial-and-error method. Primarily, I am working on "Windows" 7 Home
premium and the OS sucks big time. I have been plagued with problems from
Ports being blocked, the conspiracy between Microsoft and Kaspersky which
happens to be my security mechanism , from administrative privilege
problems and all such nonsense.

So when I run into any issues with DeepaMehta I am confused whether it is
the way "Deepa" is supposed to work, or whether it is the MS and Kaspersky
nexus that is causing problem.

To make things a bit more cleaner ( could be painful though) I am
maintaining a log of the steps that  i am doing.
I have attached the first basic screenshots and two questions which i am
facing. The questions are high-light in red in the document
Primarily I need to know how to :-

1>. Associate a Name to this generic Topic – Text name, e.g. “Java Build”

2>.  Assosciate another child “GenericTopic” – Type composite e.g. “Maven”

3>. At “Maven” include n number of “Web Pages”.

4>. At “Maven” include some notes.

5>. At “Maven” provide some highlight text items – for example key points.
6>. Also how / what is the functionality of the "Search" menu item

thanks once again for your time and patience.

Kind Regards,

P.S  -- Two definite wish list for the next release would be
1>. Ctrl+Z on the canvas
2>. Export/Import/Backup feature on the canvas.
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