[deepamehta-users] State of 'Maps on our new DeepaMehta Demo Server

Matthias Melcher matthias.melcher at urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Mo Dez 3 14:51:22 CET 2012

Hi Malte,

thanks for asking. Currently the server seems to
be ok again, but just when Howard's class was
discussing DeepaMehta, there was no response
from this map or any other live demo address.

I understand the transient character of this demo service,
and I would not mind the usual procedure of flushing all
content every night, IF the import feature was fixed again
because I could then import the topics again whenever
I want to show them to important audiences and

Note, however, that there is a difference between what
should be fixed and what should be changeable by
the visitor: For my usage scenario (which I would call
the think tool scenario rather than data storage or
collaboration artefacts scenario) it would be important
only that the user may RE-ARRANGE and CONNECT the
given demo content topics. By this, the visitor and
potential adopter could imagine how to rearrange and
connect their OWN content on their OWN local instance.

The collaboration scenario, by contrast, is still quite
distant in the future because it is very hard to make it
sufficiently robust such that nothing crucial can inadvertently
be broken (especially with the "*integrated* modeling

Just now in Howard's class I also learned how much
the collaboration step is a very distinct SECOND step
taking place only after the user has been juggling around
with their mental topics on their visuo-spatial sketchpad of
STM (be it internal or offloaded to a tool like DM) -- nobody
really wants to READ other people's visual maps! So the
recommendable workflow for me is mostly that I first work
in a simple standalone environment and then share a copy
(ideally, per export/ import).
Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ Kind regards
Matthias Melcher
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Sorry, here is my answer to Matthias again under the better "subject"
thread title:

On 03.12.2012 12:44, Malte Reißig wrote:
> Dear Matthias, Dear DeepaMehta-Demo Users,
> sorry, I was just wondering what exactly is broken in your demo-map?
> Is it the experimental state of the webclients web browsing (a.k.a. the
>  trailblazing feature) is bothering you?
> Or is it because people have no "write" access to the demo installation
> when they open up your map -link (bcause not being logged in as "demo")?
> How can we help you to "fix" your demo?
> When I click "Open URL" in the "Page Panel" on this topic,
> http://demo.deepamehta.de:8080/topicmap/4340/topic/5457
> your screencast is revealed and shows up in DeepaMehta's Page as expected.
> Please be aware that the demo-installation as it says, "This is a demo
> and testing site only! All data may be altered or deleted.".
> Meanwhile we are already discussing possible scenarios on how to keep
> various demo-contents at this location for exactly your purpose. We will
> keep you updated as soon as we have a technical solution working for
> this scenario.
> Kind Regards,
> Malte
> On 01.12.2012 14:08, Matthias Melcher wrote:
>> The Demo is broken already, just as Howard Rheingold's class
>>   http://socialmediaclassroom.com/host/think/
>> started to discuss DeepaMehta.
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