[deepamehta-users] Get engaged!

Juergen Neumann j.neumann at junes.eu
Di Nov 1 16:30:54 CET 2011

Dear Deepamehta Users, Developers, Facilitators, Observers, etc., etc. 

As many of you do already know DeepaMehta 4 is under heavy development.
Month per month it includes new features and recent enhancements in many
of its components. 

Slowly but surely we can all see the fruits of these efforts. But there
is still a long way to go before DeepaMehta 4 can unfold its full
potentials and will be useful in any productive environment. 

This amount of time is heavily depending on your engagement, too. You
can help in many ways to make the project a success and to finally
achieve the kind of DeepaMehta you would like to use yourself.

Please contribute: 

-> spread the word
-> get others engaged
-> develop plugins
-> share your ideas
-> test the software
-> write the Users Guide
-> (fund)raise money
-> send bug reports
-> commit patches
-> invent new clients
-> comment this email
-> your ideas here!

Join us at the DeepaMehta 4 Community Trac and get engaged!

Yours impatient, ;-)


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