[deepamehta-users] DeepaMehta Association

Urs Lerch mail at ulerch.net
Mi Jan 7 09:14:34 CET 2009


hopefully you had a good start into the new year.

As you might know we have founded the DeepaMehta association last
November. At the very moment we are waiting for the official entry in
the register. For the time to come we would like to see the association
more than "just" as a support for the software, as you might read in the
statutes ( http://deepamehta.newthinking.net/wiki/en/Satzung ).

Therefor we already think about renaming the association, independent of
the software. In a first phase we open a brainstorming. If you have an
idea, please feel free to post it to this list. No restrictions at the
moment. We would love to see tons of propositions!

Kind regards,
Urs (president of the association)

P.S.: If you would like to support the association see memberships at
http://deepamehta.newthinking.net/wiki/en/Beitragsordnung . Mail to
vorstand at deepamehta.org .

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