[deepamehta-users] DeepaMehta Foundation is about to come

Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Di Jul 22 22:40:42 CEST 2008

Dear DeepaMehta friends,

Urs and I have for the past 6 weeks been brainstorming about how to 
further DeepaMehta development, and Urs had the idea to set up a 
foundation (Förderverein). The foundation should ensure that the 
DeepaMehta project can develop side by side with the DeepaMehta GmbH. 
The immediate concern is to generate funds so that Jörg (as main 
developer) and possibly other developers can work on the DeepaMehta 
project, while customer contracts could be taken on through the 
DeepaMehta GmbH. The foundation would be complementary to the GmbH as a 
non-profit organisation for people to make donations to.

We welcome your suggestions and want to include you in our dialogue 
from now on.

In this correspondence the themes are 1) the set up of the foundation 
and 2) its focus, goals and tasks:

1) Foundation set up

As I understand it our foundation currently has three members: Andreas 
G., Jörg, and Urs. A foundation needs at least 7 members.
=> I would hereby like to ask you if you would like to become a member 
and in particular Annette, Jurij, Jürgen, Andreas W., Malte, and 
Question to you Urs, is,
a) does it cost them anything and if so, how much, to become a member?
b) is the membership paid once only or regularly, ie once a month.
Another question is, what do you suggest would be Jörg's status and who 
would be president? Can Jörg be a member if he is the main recipient of 
the generated funds?

2) Focus, Goals, Tasks

Focus: the immediate focus is to support the further and continual 
development of DeepaMehta.
(A future perspective for the foundation could be to encourage a 
interdisciplinary dialogue about the human-machine relationship 
i.e.organising symposiums.)
Goal: to have supporters and sponsors
Tasks: a) to find supporters b) marketing c) organisation.
Who would take on these tasks resp. would coordinate the people doing 

Jörg R.


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