[deepamehta-users] Users Meeting in July [en]

Malte Reißig mre at deepamehta.de
Mi Jul 2 20:11:25 CEST 2008

Dear DeepaMehta Friends,

whom of you has visited already our new wiki? We are a bit proud of
our documentation work and the wiki discussion during the last
months. It's the first time DeepaMehta has a User Guide in which
there is nearly for every chapter something written down. We have
ideas about Tutorials, HowTos, Screencasts and about how this
information has to be organized and structured that every new user
finds what he/she needs for his application domain.

This is just one reason to head for a new users meeting, discussion
and finding small tasks for easy contribution of your experience to
all the other users in the world is the other reason. We have now
over 600 users on deepamehta.de, constantly growing and from all
over the world, we would like to present them, maybe after this
summer a totally new experience of our user centered documentation
which is easy to access and multimedial as well.

(some things about our users i mentioned already in this post

The only one who is able to produce this, are we! The users with at
least a bit deepamehta usage experience. Aren't you using deepamehta
in your seminars or at work? This is exactly what we want to
document and explain to others, talk about application domains where
you find it actually very useful for. If you don't use it at the
moment then we have to communicate too cause the developers needs
your feedback.

it would be nice if we could get together for identifying and
reaching some very nearby goals, who wants to?

i am in. within july would be good, at the first friday of august
still very naice ;)


ps. for our remote listeners who are not in berlin for attending our
session, we can open up a channel on irc during the meeting


drafts for discussion points....

* wiki (storywriting, howtos, tutorials and for the experienced
users extending some chapters in the user guide)
* identifying usage scenarios and deliver nice entry points for our
* collecting new feedback from our personal usage for the developers
* discuss aims and roadmap from the dev-meeting
* ...


mre at deepamehta.de
mre at jabber.ccc.de

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