[deepamehta-users] some new workspaces

Malte Reißig mre at deepamehta.de
Fr Jan 25 17:02:23 CET 2008

Hello everybody.

I just want to invite everybody to check out some new workspaces on the
deepamehta.de server. Their is some space for us to communicate. I have
published some maps into the DeepaMehta Community Workspace. Perhaps you
can help me to clearify some of my  thoughts about application scenarios
and possible projects. At the moment, my centre of attention is the
usage of deepaMehta as a web-application framework. I am assembling some
jsp examples and some given servlets, to enhance the usage of  a
dm-workspace as a Information Repository. This web-browser approach is
for the most users more familiar and it helps to develop your own
sustainable information base. Later on this content can be easily
revealed via the TopicMap-Client. In a few weeks we want to deploy the
next release candidate on the demo server. With the new group calendar,
the next appointment could be smoothely associated with some topics and

nice greetings and a lovely weekend, :)



mre at deepamehta.de
mre at jabber.ccc.de

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