[deepamehta-users] New Interactive Demo Map and reactivated blog

Malte Reißig mre at deepamehta.de
Do Feb 14 18:29:25 CET 2008

Hello Dear Users.

I wanted to invite you to test our new interactive demo map on
http://www.deepamehta.de/install/client/demos.html about "The History of
the Human Computer Interface". For a personal version of this map, you
can copy this map out of the Workspace "Human Computer Interface" on the
demo server in your personal workspace. When we deploy the next release
candidate on the demo server we can work together on the topics of this
map. All the background informations until now were investigated from
Jörg, we finally imported his map on the demo server, many thanks for that!

I also want to speak with you about a possible meeting in near future. I
would really appreciate if we could get together perhaps at the
re:publica in Berlin. In the second half of march would also be very
appreciating from my side, the last community meeting is sooo long ago
and I still know just a few of you.

Before going on holiday, which starts next friday, i will try to
reactivate the DeepaMehtaBlog at blog.deepamehta.de,

cheers malte


mre at deepamehta.de
mre at jabber.ccc.de

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