[deepamehta-users] Vortrag von Alan Dix am heutigen Di: DESIGNING FOR ADOPTION AND DESIGNING FOR APPROPRIATION

Andreas Borutta borumat at gmx.de
Di Feb 12 15:03:38 CET 2008


vielleicht interessiert Euch folgender Vortrag?

Gruß, Andreas



Computing Department
Lancaster University


Dienstag, 12.02.2008, 18.15 - 19.45 Uhr
TU Berlin
EW 203
(ehemals PN, neben Hauptmensa)
Hardenbergstraße 36


Systems clearly need to be useful and usable on order to do a job for
people and to do it easily.  However if a system is wonderfully
designed, fulfills a real need and would be a pleasure to use, it is
still no good at all unless it is actually used.

I will discuss two aspects of getting systems or products actually used:
adoption - managing the path from no users to widespread use
and appropriation - designing systems that users can change to their own


Professor Alan Dix has taught and researched in human-computer
interaction (HCI) for over 20 years and he is the author of one of the
most widely used textbooks on the subject used across the world. His
interests in the area range from the application of formal techniques in
interface design to methods for enhancing innovation and creativity. He
began as a mathematician at Cambridge University and moved into
computing and HCI whilst doing his PhD at University of York. His
background also includes work on farm crop sprayers and remote
controlled submarines. He was a founder director of two Internet dot.com
companies. http://www.comp.lancs.ac.uk/~dixa/


Der Vortrag findet im Rahmen des Kollegseminars des Graduiertenkolleg
prometei (Prospektive Gestaltung von Mensch-Technik-Interaktion) statt.
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