[deepamehta-devel] DeepaMehta 4.8.1 is coming very soon

Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Sat Jun 4 22:51:14 CEST 2016

Dear developers,

besides some minor improvements DeepaMehta 4.8.1 will fix several bugs that prevented some 3rd-party plugins to run with DM 4.8. Please check compatibility of your plugins with the current DM master branch, and report any possible problem.

The remainder lists all the fixes in DM 4.8.1. The numbers refer to the Trac tickets.


* Core module:

    * `AccessControl` object:

        * `getWorkspace()` is now a privileged method. This is required for the `dm4-sign-up` 3rd-party plugin (#963).

        * There is a privileged `changePassword()` method. This is required for the Reset Password mechanism of the `dm4-sign-up` 3rd-party plugin (#934).

        * There are privileged methods for mapping between usernames and email addresses. This is required for the `dm4-sign-up` and `dm4-subscriptions` 3rd-party plugins (#934, #825)

    * Permissions:

        * Implicit READ permission for types: a user is granted implicit READ permission for a type if she has READ permission for a given instance of that type (#899).

        * The READ permission for types is enforced by the backend in every situation (#899).

        * The WRITE permission for topics/associations is enforced by the backend in every situation (#970).

        * The Webclient's "Show Configuration" submenu lists only configurations the current user has READ permission for (#964).

    * JSON bundle resources (`/<bundle-symbolic-name>/...`) are served with `Content-Type` header (#950).

* Files module:

    * Uploading an image file via `dm4-images` 3rd-party plugin works again (was broken in DM 4.8). The `"ckCsrfToken" is an unexpected field` exception does not occur anymore (#952).

    * When the path of a file repo request (`/filerepo/...`) points to a directory, and the directory contains an `index.html` file, it is served (#971).

    * In case of enabled per-workspace file repositories: the on-demand creation of the workspace folder works in every situation (#965).

* Webclient: the CKEditor "File Browser" plugin is included again (was missing in DM 4.8). This is required for the Upload feature of the `dm4-images` 3rd-party plugin (#952).

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