[deepamehta-devel] current priorities across the dm4 tickets i reported

Malte Reissig mre at deepamehta.de
Fri Dec 25 17:33:43 CET 2015


Since i was asked to give some priority information on some tickets from 
a plugin developers perspective, here are the five most urgent ones of 
those i recently created in the community trac:

1 Fix Types ACL Issue #899 (READ-case)
    Affected modules: Webpages, Kiezatlas 2 Website, Wikidata Topicmaps UI

2 Registering new locations for Thymeleaf Templates (Affected modules: 
Webpages, Kiezatlas 2 Website (#873)
    Ideally this solution will also enable HTML-like save & refresh 
workflows for plugin developers

3 Support usage of per-user configuration topics (read- and editable 
only for the authenticated user) - with ticket #830 i this already 
solved? And are these per-user configuration topics also introduced for 
existing accounts or does a migration needs to create them? I would like 
to know before getting started: 1) how to use this type of configuration 
topics and 2) how to eventually migrate them into an existing DB
    Affected modules: dm4-mail, dm4-subscriptions, dm4-twitter, 
dm4-webpages, dm4-stableviews, dm4-wikidata, dm4-moodle-client, 

4 Allow plugin developers to maintain workspace assignments in full 
control (even with usage of the dm4-webclient), in particular develop a 
reliable solution for the issue described in #865
    Affected modules: dm4-wikidata, dm4-kiezatlas and all plugins 
identifying content based on their URI

Furthermore i would wish for an enhanced version of the dm4-websockets 
module so plugin developers are able to not only broadcast but send  
messages to specific clients (or "sessions"?) #823.

Furthermore i would need some info on #875, #900, #889, #806 and #911.

Also i would kindly ask to include a configuration option around #912 
for the next platform release.

Thanks for your support & merry christmas!

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