[deepamehta-devel] url for wikidata-dm server

Malte Reißig mre at deepamehta.de
Fri Jul 18 01:52:10 CEST 2014

Hi Carolina, thanks for pushing things forward :)

Everyone is invited to create and share personal topic maps based on
wikidata after creating yourself an user-account on our new
labs-project/service running at http://wikidata-topicmaps.wmflabs.org

For those who are familiar with DM I created an info-graphic containing
four screens trying to display the two basic functions specific to the
wikidata-search plugin:
* "Wikidata Search"-Mode
* "Importing claims" for a "Wikidata Item"

For those who are not familiar with DM I currently have no further
usage-information available and thus I do not spread the word about it
(except someone asks me specifically about it).

Developers may find interest in reading the topic map containing the
generic wikidata TopicType (of this plugin version) named "Wikidata
Search Entity" at http://wikidata-topicmaps.wmflabs.org/topicmap/99790

Source code of this plugin is available at:

DeepaMehta 4.3 compatible binary release is version 0.0.3:

Research & Documentation behind this plugin is in our community trac at:

On 17.07.2014 13:26, carolina wrote:
> Hi Malte,
> During the dev meeting you presented the wikidata plugin currently
> running in wikidata servers, could you post the url to the list?, so
> that we can try it there and also spread the word
> Thanks for all the work!!!
> best
> C
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