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Jörn Weißenborn joern.weissenborn at gmail.com
Mi Jan 8 23:48:02 CET 2014

Is there a way to run DM without Karaf or Felix?

2014/1/8 Jörg Richter <jri at deepamehta.de>

> On Jan 8, 2014, at 10:52, Juergen Neumann wrote:
> > I had talked to Danny about websocket implementation a few days a go. He
> > said that Jetty would not fit into apache OSGi framework anyways and
> > that for the karaf version he would need to use PAX anyways.
> Pax Web embeds Jetty just like Apache Felix HTTP Jetty does. Why should
> Jetty not fit the apache OSGi framework?
> I think you mean that Apache Felix HTTP Jetty does not fit the Apache
> Karaf landscape. This is what I understand from my talk with Danny.
> > I would therefor hardly recommend to shift away from Jetty towards PAX
> > even though its footprint might be slightly bigger.
> The footprint (which I would not call "slightly" bigger) is not my main
> concern about Pax Web. It is that Pax Web is very unstable. Each release
> changes behavior and introduces new bugs. To work at all with DM it
> requires a workaround that uglyfies DM's config file, what I regard as a
> usability problem.
> My painful Pax Web experience is described in
> https://trac.deepamehta.de/ticket/448
> > Did you and Danny disscuss this issue in person? If not, I would hardly
> > recommend that you speak to each other and clearify the future strategy
> > here.
> I had a lengthy phone talk with Danny yesterday.
> He likes the way I realized the dm4-websockets plugin.
> In fact this plugin does not rely on any particular OSGi HTTP Service
> implementation.
> I tried to explain that in the posting.
> Regarding WebSockets it doesn't matter if we use Felix HTTP Jetty or Pax
> Web.
> Originally we thought that the sole fact that Pax Web embeds a Jetty 7
> server (which supports WebSockets) -- in contrast to the Jetty 6 embedded
> in Felix HTTP Jetty -- would bring us one step further to WebSockets. But
> we never thought about the 2nd step, that is how we actually deploy
> WebSockets in DM. This is what I did now with the dm4-websockets plugin.
> Since Apache updated the Felix HTTP Jetty package recently it embeds a
> Jetty 7 as well. It is now on a par with Pax Web. Regarding WebSockets the
> bias towards Pax Web became irrelevant.
> https://trac.deepamehta.de/ticket/584
> For the DM Karaf Distribution Danny tends to Pax Web but for reasons not
> related to WebSockets.
> Results from my talk with Danny:
> 1. The DM Karaf Distribution will include Pax Web. Apache Felix HTTP Jetty
> will be dropped.
> 2. The DM Standard Distribution will include Apache Felix HTTP Jetty.
> 3. The fact that dm4-websockets currently instantiates its own Jetty
> server, and that 2 HTTP ports are open, is not considered a problem by
> Danny. He even sees it as a possible advantage. (I see the 2 HTTP ports
> rather a problem in conjunction with firewalls).
> 4. Danny will check out weather Pax Web provides any proprietary (non-OSGi
> standard) facilities that would help to solve the possible problems
> mentioned in 3.
> Cheers,
> Jörg
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