[deepamehta-devel] Upcoming DM 4.5: extended collaboration and privacy

Juergen Neumann j.neumann at junes.eu
Mon Dec 15 12:57:32 CET 2014

Dear Jörg,

> Now I merged the workspace-acl branch into master.
> So the nightly demo server should be up-to-date tomorrow morning.
> (I hesitated with merging as there are still issues)

Thanks! It makes testing much easier. 

Hey @all: Please help with testing here:

You can login as admin without password and create new user accounts.
Then, login as one of your newly created users. Create a new workspace
(with type other than private) and associate any of your other users (by
their username) with a "Membership" Association to that workspace.

Start to play with various new topicmaps, topics and topictypes and test
if everything works as expected. If not, please create a new ticket at

Thank you! :)


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