[deepamehta-devel] pax-web release branch

Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Fri Aug 29 22:37:48 CEST 2014

Dear Constantin,

> By merging the pax-web branch of DeepaMehta with the master branch and resolving several minor conflicts I could get DeepaMehta running on a pax-web heavy karaf 3.0.1 environment.

That's great to hear!

> I don't have enough expertise to really know that my merging does not break stuff. My use-cases are simple and I don't use any external plugins. I was wondering if someone could propose a plan on how to have a maintainable pax-web release branch of DeepaMehta.

OK, I will address Pax Web for the upcoming DM 4.4 release then. When things run well DM 4.4 will finally have Felix HTTP Jetty replaced by Pax Web once and for all.

One thing is that DM will stay on JDK 6 / OSGi 4.2 / Felix 3 as long as possible (being JDK 6 the main aspect here). So the DM Karaf Distribution will still come with Karaf 2.2.x. (I still have to check what Pax Web version is compatible with these requirements.)

But as far as I understand your setup doesn't rely on the DM Karaf Distribution at all but you provide your own environment in which you deploy the sole DM bundles. At the moment I can only hope that the DM 4.4 bundles will be compatible with your possibly more modern versions of Felix / Pax Web / Karaf.

DM 4.4 is scheduled for release mid Sep 2014.

BTW: consider registering at our trac site. I'll add you to the cc for #448 then, and you'll keep informed about progress on the Pax Web issue.


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