[deepamehta-devel] updating deepamehta plugins list

Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Wed Aug 27 22:45:35 CEST 2014

Dear Carolina,

here some notes about plugin compatibility.

Since DeepaMehta 4.2 we use a fixed naming scheme for the plugin binary (.jar) files (see https://trac.deepamehta.de/ticket/603). So, the jar filename of a plugin which is compatible with DM 4.3.x begins with dm43-. When this prefix is not there the plugin is possibly not compatible with DM 4.3.x.

Also for the DeepaMehta releases we use a strict versioning scheme in order to make more transparent to users and developers which plugins are compatible with a particular DM release. A plugin which is compatible with e.g. DM 4.2 is guaranteed to run at least in all DM 4.2.x releases without changes. When a DM release contains incompatible API changes that is reflected by an increased minor version number, e.g. 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, ...

About our download server:
This directory contains always the latest DM release along with a set of plugins which are guaranteed compatible with that release. Plugins not appearing there are probably not yet adapted by the respective plugin developers.

Generally we encourage all plugin developers to adapt their plugins and upload them to that directory always when a new minor DM version is released.

Thanks for caring!


On Aug 25, 2014, at 10:57, carolina wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> Hi dev!!
> I was checking in the webpage, the list of plugins to see which are
> compatible with the current stable DM version (4.3), and I have some
> doubts :D
> Checking : http://www.deepamehta.de/en/content/download
> The following plugins are compatible with older versions of DM, but
> are they still compatible with the current stable version 4.3?
> DM4 Images: DeepaMehta 4 4.2
> DM4 Mail: DeepaMehta 4 4.1.3-SNAPSHOT
> DM4 Poemspace: DeepaMehta 4 4.1.3-SNAPSHOT
> DM4 Tags: DeepaMehta 4 version????
> DM4 MathJax Renderer: DeepaMehta 4 version????
> DM4 Twitter Research: DeepaMehta 4.1.2
> As far as I know, there are more plugins not listed there, for example
> wikidata
> https://github.com/mukil/dm4-wikidata
> Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.3 <--- is that right?
> Sign-up
> https://github.com/mukil/dm4-sign-up
> Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.3 <--- is that right?
> Import-Export topicmaps
> https://github.com/carolinagc/dm4-import-export
> Has anyone else a DM plugin which is not listed and should be included?
> Any info is welcome :-)
> Thanks in advance!!!
> Best
> C

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