[deepamehta-devel] Tell us your topic for the next developer meeting in Berlin (until sunday, 3.8)

Martin Tippmann martin.tippmann at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 07:10:50 CEST 2014

2014-08-04 22:43 GMT+02:00 carolina <carolina at sindominio.net>:
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> Hi Andi,


Martin here. I'm the GSoC student responsible for the Query Client.

>>> if you cannot make it to come to Berlin, what would you think of
>>> doing a skype call with us during the dev-meeting?
>> Martin told me he will be in Berlin and can give a presentation on
>> our project. But a skype call could be an option, too.
> ohh if he is in Berlin it would be great that he gave a talk, and in
> any case if you want to join via Skype, we could set it up so that you
> are also there :-) .. each of you doing the presentation from a
> different side of the screen :-P
> Then, we can add FF presentation to the call for the meeting? Do you
> have a specific title for the presentation?

Unfortunatly I have to cancel the Freifunk Query talk for tuesday.
Sorry my late message but after considering my progress or lack
thereof I'm feeling I'm unable to offer any meaningful input to debate
at this time.

In a nutshell: Bad planning from my side and personal issues kept me
from working for the GSoC and at the moment the Query Client for
Freifunk is largely non-existant.

I want to emphasize that this has nothing to do with Freifunk, my
patiently advisors or DeepaMehta. I fucked up.

Still it's project for the community and I've spend time with
DeepaMehta and I like the idea and the concept and I'm convinced that
it's the right way to solve that problem.

Besides failing to deliver on the GSoC terms I promised to continue
working on the Query Client and to make it usable. Once there is
reasonable enough code and data for the client in DeepaMehta I'll let
you know and would like to get feedback - unfortunately at the moment
this is just not the case.

Sorry for letting you down.


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