[deepamehta-devel] custom renderer question

Torsten Ziegler torsten at ziegi.de
Sa Sep 21 19:22:56 CEST 2013

Hi Jörg,

thanks for the fast work on the ticket 505,
as I see there are a lot of things happening.

I have one question regarding the replacement of
the standard default renderer.

I started to write a plugin that implements a new
topicmap renderer (yet a mere copy of the default renderer,
based on the topicmap-renderer branch as of this morning,
see attached zip for implementation)

This works fine but it gets used only on newly created topicmaps
that are created to be used with this renderer.
And as soon as I remove the plugin the topicmap can no longer
be displayed as obviously the renderer is missing.

Actually this behaviour is not what I like to have.
I would prefer to replace the default renderer and
in case my new render is not available to fall back to the
default renderer.

I tried to use the uri dm4.webclient.default_topicmap_renderer to
replace the default  renderer but run into problems maybe due to
the framework not initializing the renderer properly as it thinks it is
still the old one.
Also using js.extend to overwrite the webclient's CanvasRenderer
and CavasView did not work due to mising initialization.

Is there any way to replace the default renderer or is this
not the desired way to go for deepamehta ??

I can think of a migration to change the dm4.topicmaps.topicmap_renderer_uri
for all topicmaps using the default renderer, but this seems quite ugly,
doesnt it ?


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