[deepamehta-devel] type qualifying question

Torsten Ziegler torsten at ziegi.de
Di Sep 3 14:01:34 CEST 2013

Hi Jörg et al,

I have another question regarding some kind of
topictype qualifying in relation to the toplevel menu (uppermost bar with
workspace, topicmap selectors and search, create interface)

I want to create a custom topicmap type with some additional fields,
while this works fine the newly created topicmaps of the new type do not 
show up
any more in the topicmap selector.

I could adjust the code in the selector of course but it seems to be 
more reasonable
to add some kind of inheritance or qualifying to the newly created 
topictype that
signals the other parts of deepamehta that this topictype acts like 
another type (e.g. a standard topicmap)

I thinks this might also be usefull to other parts of deepamehta,
for example the email plugin does use the dm4-contacts topictypes as
resources for email adresses. But there might be other usefull resources,
so a qualifier as "this topictype provides an email address like xx 
standard topictype"  might be usefull.

what do you think?


Torsten Ziegler
torsten at ziegi.de

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