[deepamehta-devel] custom renderer

Jörg Richter jri at deepamehta.de
Di Okt 29 18:48:10 CET 2013

On Oct 28, 2013, at 12:14, Juergen Neumann wrote:

>> I updated the Jenkins jobs accordingly. There are 2 Box Renderer jobs now..
>> As Post Steps I entered (but not sure if this is correct):
>> 	/usr/local/bin/ci_copy_plugin.sh dm4-box-renderer-canvas
>> 	/usr/local/bin/ci_copy_plugin.sh dm4-box-renderer-dom
> The copy script is required to copy the plugin to the download section
> of the server. So it is needed here! But it does not mean that the
> plugin is included in the script based installation of the nightly
> builds.

OK, I understand.
So, I did these 2 script calls right? That is, they expect the name of the git repo (e.g. "dm4-box-renderer-canvas") and look inside this directory for a .jar to copy to the download section?

> I have updated the installation script. So please check here, if
> everything looks like expected:
> http://demo.deepamehta.de:8083/de.deepamehta.webclient

Everything is as expected.
Thank you very much for configuring the demo server!


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