[deepamehta-devel] Release planning - 2 more petitions

Juergen Neumann j.neumann at junes.eu
Mo Nov 11 20:23:10 CET 2013

Hey Jörg,

as far as I understand it we plan to focus on usability and beautifying
with 4.1.3 and focus on PAX, Websockets, push messages, core optimazion,
etc. (and maybe public/shared/private workspace) in 4.1.4. 

Agreed on that I have two more petitions for 4.1.3:

a) Show pictures/thumbnails per instance - e.g. a person (or any other
complex topic type) can have a picture. If picture exists, it is shown
as a thumbnail on the canvas. Maybe you can use a thumbnail library
which also displays thumbnails for various other mime types (PDF, DOC,
PNG, etc.)

b) Display the name of the Association(Type) on the Canvas - from my
understanding the new view model plugin should allow to have more
possibilities for the display of associations, too, right? So it would
be very nice if the name of the association type is displayed along with
the association (same color, small letters along the line) - not to
dream about bézier-curved arrows ... ;-)

I just went through this with Carolina. We fully agree that there should
be more information displayed on the canvas already. So to display the
name of the type of association on the canvas, too, would be exactly the
right step in the same direction. :)



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