[deepamehta-devel] DeepaMehta Anwendungsfälle

Torsten Ziegler torsten at ziegi.de
Mi Mär 7 21:16:23 CET 2012

Hi Matthias,

thanks a lot for your fast answer.

I guess you are right, after two years I still get not the full meaning
of Deepamehta. And so I am comparing it to what i know.

What you describe with:
> The old desktop paradigm concept of "Opening" becomes obsolete
> because when you click at a topic *it is already open* in
> the detail pane
I do not really understand this, as this is the standard behavior of
any link in the WWW world.
I click an object (a link) and its inner details get revealed more ore less
instantaneously. The only difference is that Deepamehta reveals the
details while the original context is still visible on the map pane.
I can mimic this with an ordinary webpage by opening a link in a new
browser window side by side with the old one.

I think in both cases a document or topic gets opened and details are
revealed that are not visible before this user interaction with the mouse.
This is what I do right now with my map pane being a wiki page and my
detail pane being a second web browser window. I also have the context
and the details side by side, only in Deepamehta I have better 
to graphically arrange the context on the map.

But I guess there is something I miss here ??

Your second point is very interesting to me
> DM topics *can be* snippets themselves. So you are right
> in (6th part) that text needs to be broken down
If I get this right this would imply that there is no need for
a detail pane or for a document to be opened. All information
should be already visible (or possible to be revealed) on the
context map itself.
This would also imply that each topic is possibly a topicmap
itself, e.g. the "person" topic type should not present its details
in the right pane in a pre structured way but reveal a new
context map with name, address and whatsoever arrangeable
by the user (or in Deepamehta philosphy in the beginning
with nothing revealed at all).
The detail pane (right on in Deepamehta) would then really
be a mouse gazing into the deeper level topicmap of the topic
I am interested in, possibly leading to some kind of atomic object
that is presented by itself on the last, deepest level of topicmaps.

Am I right so far ???
this would really be an amazing concept that rises a lot of
questions regarding the organization of "broken down text"
and snippets on a context map.

BTW: I really like your Cmap Tools picture. This is what I would
call information on the context pane whereas Deepamehta
right now only shows topics and titles that have to be opened
in the detail pane. Also I like to have arrows and annotations
on the associations something I am missing since I got
Deepamehta2 to know.


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