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Malte Reißig mre at deepamehta.de
Mo Sep 21 13:29:14 CEST 2009

Dear Developers,

the "lobochief" was pretty excited to see his project embraced by
DeepaMehta. I would like to continue making this developments at least
to into a stable hack for the next release cause the outlook to work
with that browser is still very interesting for me and maybe some others
too. normally i should create a new propertyPanel interface for this and
for future apps, but not now.

so i wanted to ask you to kindly help me with the current issue of the
webpage topic, so a rewrite of the PropertyPanel could be circumvented
somehow for now..

At the moment it's like that: The URL is stored in a Property of name
"Lobo Browser" and which has it's own "Visualization" Mode named also
"Lobo Browser". Everytime the URL is entered or changed by a user, the
Webpage Topic copies the PropertyValue of the Property "URL" into the
Property "Lobo Browser", just that the Lobo Browser JComponent get's set
with the reference to navigate to.

So, the way the "Lobo Browser" JComponent gets it's reference to
navigate to the current URL is simply like in any JComponent through
setting the propertyValue with the setText method whenever the
PropertyPanel is filled for a selected webpage topic. Yes, that's
awkyard but would work fine if there wasn't the getText Method of the
JComponent which delivers the new PropertyValue after the Topic was
deselected (or some other elements in the GraphPanel have been selected)
which then is currently an empty string "" cause the BrowserPanel
JComponent implementation just renders a DOM and the DOM should normally
not know from which URL it is currently served.

I am just curious if you have any suggestions except writing the URL
temporarly into some part of the BrowserPanel or even the rendered DOM,
which would be unbelievable funny to do :) ?

This is not an issue when the users clicks on a hyperlink in the browser
cause then the getText Method of the JComponent is circumvented and the
webpage topic keeps it's reference.

I've marked the lines of code in the new app branch with our task tag.

Thank you very much in advance for any hints or contributions..


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