[deepamehta-devel] [Bug #14470] Linebreaks get lost in "Description" fields

admin at berlios.de admin at berlios.de
Di Sep 9 17:13:43 CEST 2008

Bug #14470, was updated on 2008-Sep-09 17:13
Here is a current snapshot of the bug.

Project: DeepaMehta
Category: Graphical Client
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Bug Group: None
Priority: 7
Submitted by: jri
Assigned to : jri
Summary: Linebreaks get lost in "Description" fields

Details: Sometimes (not always!) line breaks are lost in property fields of type "Text Editor", e.g. in the omnipresent "Description" fields.

See also the thread "HTML Kodierung von Zeilenumbrüchen im Description Feld" started by Torsten Ziegler in the deepamehta-users list (in german).

For detailed info, follow this link:

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